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from 19 February 2018
to 05 March 2018
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Venezia Photo

A unique experience for photography lovers

Les Rencontres de la photographie of Arles, certainly the most important photo festival in Europe, now at its 48th edition, hit Venice! Together with San Servolo srl a key event dedicated to photography will take place: 50 master [Read more]

from 15 January 2018
to 15 February 2018
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ILTS Consensus Conference NAFLD/NASH: From medical treatment to liver transplantation

The Conference will convene key opinion leaders and experts, primarily hepatologists, to focus on epidemiology and prevention of NASH, medical treatment of NASH (standard of care and new potential drugs), management of end stage liver disease [Read more]

from 16 December 2017
to 13 February 2018
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Pinocchio da San Servolo in giro per il mondo

The exhibition is dedicated to the most famous and much loved wooden puppet: Pinocchio.  The Adventures of Pinocchio is a canonical piece of children’s literature, written by Italian author, Carlo Collodi, first as a serial, [Read more]

from 20 October 2017
to 21 October 2017
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All In: Educate & Include

organized by The London School

All In: Include & Educate 2017 is the first in a series of annual conferences which brings together educators from diverse sectors to promote a continuous dialogue on inclusion.  The conference takes inspiration from [Read more]

from 29 August 2017
to 09 September 2017
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Venice Film Festival. Special timetable line Actv n. 20

On the occasion of the 74th Venice Film Festival, the 20 ACTV line from San Zaccaria to San Servolo continues to Lido di Venezia (ex Casinò). From August 29 to September 9 a new timetable is in force every 15 minutes.  [Read more]

from 14 September 2017
to 17 September 2017
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19th International Conference on Lymphatic Tissues and Germinal Centres in Immune Reactions (GCC)

   The 19th Germinal Centre Conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of a successful series of international conferences centered on the understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying the function of the adaptive immune system in [Read more]

14th edition of “Art Cinema = Action + Management”

C.I.C.A.E. International Confederation of Art Cinemas

CICAE, the International Confederation of Art Cinemas, offers an international training programme for Professionals working in the art house exhibition industry. The seminar is organised with the support of the Creative Europe’s MEDIA [Read more]

from 22 June 2017
to 23 June 2017
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14th EMN Annual Conference – Financial Education to Empower Citizens.

The European Microfinance Network, in collaboration with its Italian partners Banca Etica, PerMicro and RITMI, will hold its 14th Annual Conference in Venice on 22nd & 23rd June. The purpose is to discuss & reflect upon the [Read more]

from 26 June 2017
to 30 June 2017
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XXVI AINI Congress & 16th ESNI Course

This event has been strategically joined with the XXVI Congress of AINI, the Italian Association of Neuroimmunology, such that the overall programme will offer several distinct opportunities for scientific education and exchange. In fact, [Read more]

from 01 June 2017
to 03 May 2017
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Immersive Architecture Conference

organized by MADI/MDE + CGarchitect

Immersive Architecture Conference on Virtual reality and Augmented Reality within Architecture, Design, Real Estate and Cultural Heritage. Among the speakers, as well as among the public, there will be architects, property developers, companies [Read more]

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